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The source of all yields
To handle all yield functions we created a totally new YieldHub.
The YieldHub will support both ERC20 and ERC1155 token yielding. In our current case this will be the ERC20 Banana token for the Genesis Kongz and the different ERC1155 Charmz tokens for the Baby CyberKongz. Under the condition that enough Shardz have been accumulated, they can be used to discover Charmz. Shardz are yielded by your Baby CyberKongz and you claim them on the Ethereum mainnet. Next the claimed Shards are bridged to Polygon and in a third step one Charm can be discovered from 100 Shardz on Polygon. This way, Baby CyberKongz can remain on Ethereum and the more expensive randomisation/mint transaction of discovering Charmz takes place on Polygon and transaction fees can be saved.
You can discover one Charm from 100 of the Shardz found by your Baby CyberKongz. To do so, just bridge your Shardz to the polygon network and save on Gas while you find out which Charm you get.
In addition to the usual claim function (minting), the YieldHub also contains a transfer function. This makes it possible to prefund the hub with already on the blockchain existing tokens and to allow their yielding either only for Genesis Kongz or for all CyberKongz which enables even more wonderful new possibilities.