Play & Kollect 2.0 introduces a brand new reward pool, with exciting new mechanics to provide everyone with an opportunity to win additional $BANANA!

Each season, part of the $BANANA spent (in the form of Kredits) is allocated towards the Jackpot Pool.


VX that participate during any given season, spending a minimum of 30,000 Kredits, are automatically eligible and entered into the Jackpot Pool.

Entries to the Jackpot Pool are per VX ID, and not limited per wallet. As such, players sending multiple VX out on Adventure Runs and spending the respective amount of Kredits (2 VX would require 30,000 Kredits spent each), are increasing their chances of eligibility.

From the eligible list of VX, there is an RNG raffle that happens automatically to determine the 100 lucky winners.

These lucky 100 winners are then automatically entered into a second RNG raffle to determine their position from 1 - 100.

Reward Distribution

First place takes the largest share of the pool, at 23% of total rewards, gradually scaling down to 100th position which takes the smallest share of the pool, at 0.21% of total rewards.

This reward pool provides all players of all sizes, with an opportunity to potentially win large $BANANA rewards each season.

Using Kongium does not have any impact on the Jackpot Pool and is only applicable to the Seasonal $BANANA Prize Pool.

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