Kredits are now the primary in-game currency used in Play & Kollect 2.0.

They are used to fuel Adventure Runs. Alongside Kredits, Tiers 3 and 4 require a partial fee in $RON.

Fuel Rods have been removed completely and are now no longer used in Play & Kollect, replaced entirely with Kredits.

Players can obtain Kredits in one of two ways:

1. Daily Bonus

A free daily in-game bonus of 100 Kredits available for each CyberKongz VX to claim once every 24 hours.

Kredits claimed through the daily bonus do not expire, can be accumulated over time and will not be removed from your balance at the end of a season. Daily bonuses however, must be claimed on a daily basis and do not carry over to the next day if left unclaimed.

Daily bonus Kredit claims reset each day at 06:00 am UTC.

2. Converting $BANANA to Kredits

Players can convert $BANANA to Kredits at any time, at a fixed ratio of 1 $BANANA = 1,000 Kredits.

The exchange of $BANANA for Kredits is on a linear basis, for example:

0.1 $BANANA = 100 Kredits

5 $BANANA = 5,000 Kredits

Players can only redeem Kredits for $BANANA through participation in Play & Kollect, where they can find $BANANA directly on Adventure Runs, redeem $BANANA using Kongium via the Seasonal Prize Pool or win $BANANA through the Jackpot Pool.

Kredits are not transferable or tradable. Once $BANANA has been converted to Kredits, they can no longer be reconverted to $BANANA without engaging with Play & Kollect.

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