Each individual VX now has Health Points (HP).

The HP of each VX is based on the following two factors:

Base HP

The Base HP of a VX is determined by its fur rarity. The higher the rarity of the fur, the larger the base HP for each VX.

Majority of VX by default will have a Base HP of 20 - 50 depending on their fur. Legendary VX by default have a Base HP of 60.

Additional HP

Alongside the Base HP, the Level of a CyberKongz VX will add additional HP at four key levels; Level 5, 10, 15 and 20.

Each time a VX reaches one of these levels, their HP will increase by a fixed amount of +10 HP. The maximum amount of HP a VX can add to its Base HP, would be +40 HP - achieved at Level 20.

Knockout (0 HP)

HP comes into play when a CyberKongz VX triggers an Encounter. If a VX is unsuccessful during an Encounter, they will lose a variable amount of HP as a result (determined by the exact Encounter and tier of Adventure Run) whilst also failing to retrieve any kind of loot.

If the HP of a VX reaches zero, it will be knocked out and unable to carry out anymore runs until revived.


There are 3 ways to revive your knocked out VX:

- The daily HP reset which takes place at 06:00 am UTC. During a reset, knocked out VX are restored to a default of 10 HP.

- Seasonal HP reset at the start of each season. At the start of a season VX are restored to full HP.

- Elite Medipacks can be purchased at a fixed amount of 2 $RON in-game and used to restore a VX to full health.

Players are able to continue with Adventure Runs with any HP above zero. HP can be partially restored using Basic Medipacks.

If a knockout occurs during batch runs, resulting in 0 HP, the remaining runs will be cancelled and refunded.

During a knockout whilst at 0 HP, any gear attached to a CyberKongz VX will become bound to the VX until it is back up above 0 HP, at which point gear may be able to be removed or changed as required.

Medipacks Overview:

Basic Medipack (untradable): Can be found directly on tier 1 and 2 Adventure Runs and can be used to heal a VX by + 5 HP. A Basic Medipack cannot be used to revive a knocked out VX (0 HP).

Elite Medipack (untradable): Can be purchased at a fixed amount of 2 $RON in-game and used to restore a VX to full health. An Elite Medipack can be used to revive and restore full health to a knocked out VX (0 HP).

The information above is only applicable to Encounters and does not apply to Events.

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