Kongium is a (non-transferable) resource serving as the primary loot available on Adventure Runs.

There is no limit to the amount of Kongium players can accumulate, there is also no expiry on holding Kongium.

The amount of Kongium gathered by each CyberKongz VX during an Adventure Run is influenced by various factors:

1. The tier of Adventure Run:

Each tier will enable different ranges of Kongium to be found.

2. The level of the VX:

CyberKongz VX with higher levels are rewarded with the higher end of Kongium rewards within the specified tier ranges above.

3. Special Events:

When players trigger Special Events and succeed, they may be rewarded with increased amounts of Kongium.

The two primary functions for Kongium during Phase 1 of Play & Kollect 2.0 will be:

To redeem $BANANA from the Seasonal $BANANA Prize Pool. To level up CyberKongz VX, resulting in increased Health Points.

Future phases may have additional functions available for Kongium.

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