During Adventure Runs, CyberKongz VX are rewarded with Experience Points (EXP).

Players can use EXP alongside Kongium to level up their CyberKongz VX from Level 1 up to Level 20.

The process of leveling up can be carried out at the Temple of Rising.

Level Up Requirements

Each level has a different requirement of EXP and Kongium, increasing gradually as the VX progresses through the levels.

EXP Rewards

Depending on the Adventure Run tier a player engages, there is a varying quantity of EXP they can be rewarded with:

Benefits of Levels

The level of a CyberKongz VX influences its Health Points (HP). The base level for HP is determined by the fur rarity of a VX, which is then increased at levels 5, 10, 15 and 20, each milestone increasing HP by +10.

Some Events may also require for your CyberKongz VX to be of a certain level.

Future phases may have additional functions available for CyberKongz VX Levels.

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