The Klaw is a verifiably fair way to reward players by distributing NFTs from some of the best communities in web3, including current and future partners. The Klaw is currently under maintenance and will be available to Ronin players in the near future.

The Loot

CyberKongz VX are able to find Shredz on Adventure Runs.

Once a player has accumulated 10 Shredz, they can use these + 20,000 Kongium to craft a Golden Ticket.

Golden Tickets can be used once, and allow players to redeem 1 random NFT from The Klaw.

The Rewards

The NFT rewards available to win from the Klaw vary in quantity and value. There are a range of NFT collections from which specific NFTs have been sourced and made available to players that hold Golden Tickets.

The rewards are frequently updated as CyberKongz continues to source new NFTs to add to The Klaw.

NFTs that are currently available in The Klaw can be seen by clicking on the "THE PRIZES" poster at theklaw.cyberkongz.com.

Here players can view which collections are available in The Klaw, along with each individual NFT from those collections.

We are constantly ensuring The Klaw! game mechanics are balanced appropriately, so crafting and event requirements are subject to change.

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