Kongium found on Adventure Runs, can be used to redeem part of the Seasonal $BANANA Prize Pool.

The Seasonal $BANANA Prize Pool is distributed and reset every ten days.

The prize pool each season now starts at a fixed amount of 10,000 $BANANA. This amount steadily grows with the $BANANA spent (in the form of Kredits) on Adventure Runs throughout the duration of each season.

Claiming $BANANA

During the claim process, Kongium is burnt in exchange for the player’s portion of the Seasonal $BANANA Prize Pool.

Kongium can be accumulated over multiple seasons to redeem a large amount at once, but you must commit all Kongium you have to enter the pool.

Partial Kongium cannot be committed, it’s all or nothing.

Be sure to assess whether you need Kongium to level up your VX first, and where required use as needed prior to committing towards the Seasonal $BANANA Prize Pool.

The amount of $BANANA a player is able to claim from the Seasonal $BANANA Prize Pool is calculated by:

Taking the amount of Kongium they have committed, divided by the total amount of Kongium committed to the pool by all players, then multiplied by the total amount of $BANANA in the pool.

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