Send your CyberKongz VX on exciting Adventure Runs, enabling them to search for in-game resources and rewards throughout Niakea.

An Adventure Run consists of an on-chain RNG based interaction whereby your CyberKongz VX will aim to gather Kongium and exciting new loot.

Adventure Runs are engaged by individual CyberKongz VX, and typically completed within the timeframe of a standard transaction on Ronin Network. They can be completed either individually or in batches of up to 20 runs at a time.


There are four Tiers of Adventure Runs that players can choose from.

Each tier has varying difficulty levels and Gear Score requirements, along with tier specific rewards, loot, Events and Encounters unique to the selected tier.

Players can now equip their CyberKongz VX with weapons and armor, tailoring their Gear Score to the tier of their choice. Doing so will increase probabilities of successfully completing triggered Events or Encounters.

Adventure Run Fuel

Adventure Runs are now fueled using Kredits, the new in-game currency for Play & Kollect 2.0. For higher tier runs, there are also partial $RON costs, outlined below.

Players can obtain Kredits in one of two ways:

  1. A free daily in-game bonus of 100 Kredits available for each CyberKongz VX to claim once every 24 hours at 6:00 am UTC.

  2. Converting $BANANA directly for Kredits in-game, at a fixed ratio of 1 $BANANA = 1000 Kredits.

The $BANANA converted to Kredits in order to fuel Adventure Runs no longer have a percentage burnt. As a result, Play & Kollect 2.0 rewards players with an approximate increase of 35% in $BANANA rewards.


During a 10 day season, the total amount of $BANANA (in the form of Kredits) spent by players to fuel Adventure Runs, is allocated as follows:

15% of all $BANANA used is sent to CyberKongz treasury wallet, used to fund the starting balance of 10,000 $BANANA in each Seasonal $BANANA Prize Pool. This is also used to fund the daily bonus Kredits each CyberKongz VX receives.

85% of all $BANANA used is redistributed as rewards through Play & Kollect in three ways:

  1. Found directly on Adventure Runs in the form of Kredits = 10%

Charmz will no longer be used to boost Adventure Runs, and will be reintroduced with new functionality in later phases.

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