Events are an on-chain occurrence during an Adventure Run, whereby your CyberKongz VX triggers an opportunity to win increased amounts of Kongium or in-game loot. Whilst there are some Events with no prerequisites, many do have some conditions required to be successful. The chance and frequency of triggering each Event also varies, with some that will occur significantly less than others with better rewards.


Events available vary based on Adventure Run tiers. Players will need to have CyberKongz VX of a certain Gear Score to successfully complete an Event.

There are also Level requirements for your CyberKongz VX within each Adventure Run tier, in order to successfully complete an Event.

For each tier there is an estimated range of 0.1% - 5% chance of triggering an Event. Successful completion of Events depends on the VX Gear Score and VX Level within the specified tier range.

Events are dynamic and subject to changes/updates in between seasons.

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