Gear Score determines the strength of a CyberKongz VX. It also acts as a requirement to the four tiers of Adventure Runs.

The Gear Score of each VX is based on the following factors:

Base Gear Score:

Each VX has a permanent base Gear Score made up from its existing traits. Only traits that are actual items influence Gear Score. Traits of higher rarity will add increased Gear Score to VX. Traits such as facial expressions do not influence Gear Score.

Additional Gear Score:

Gear, such as weapons, armor and shields are the largest influence on Gear Score and are dynamic and changeable as different items are equipped or removed from a VX. Gear of higher rarity will add increased Gear Score to a VX.

Changes in Season 2: Gear is bound to a VX for the rest of the season once it has made an Adventure Run. If a VX hasn’t gone on any runs in the current season, gear can be modified. However, once the VX does go on a run, equipped gear cannot be unequipped or swapped for the remainder of the season. You will be able to equip items on empty slots.

Alongside the core factors above, there are also some other variable influences on Gear Score.

Variable Influences on Gear Score:

Series: The series of Gear will influence the Gear Score it adds to a VX. Genesis series weapons and armor are the highest tier available.

Complete Sets Bonus: Equipping a VX with a full matching set will result in a bonus Gear Score. The bonus is based on the Gear Score of the Chest Armor. In addition to this, a Genesis weapon or shield can act as a wildcard to complete any set of the same or lower rarity and achieve the set bonus.

Genesis CyberKongz VX: Genesis CyberKongz VX are 1:1 of their 2D PFP counterparts from the original Genesis collection. Due to the lesser quantity of traits attached to Genesis CyberKongz VX in comparison to the rest of the VX collection, all traits on a Genesis CyberKongz VX will have double Gear Score. Genesis CyberKongz VX can be identified with IDs between 1 - 1000. Legendary VX are however excluded from this double boost.

Legendary CyberKongz VX: Legendary CyberKongz VX will have a base Gear Score of 1,000. This is due to them only being able to hold gear in their hands. These VX are unable to equip gear on their body.

The Base Gear Score of each VX will be visible as metadata on Ronin. Similarly, the Gear Score for each piece of gear will also be visible on Ronin.

CyberKongz VX can be sold with Gear equipped. When listing a CyberKongz VX for sale on Mavis Market, please double check whether it has Gear equipped.

Once Gear is equipped to a CyberKongz VX, it can no longer be listed/sold separately, until it is unequipped. If a listed piece of Gear is equipped, the listing will become inactive. When the gear is unequipped, the listing will become active again.

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