Banana V2

Banana but better.
The seasonal $BANANA prize pool is distributed and reset every ten days and eight hours beginning from day one of the new contract deployment and can be claimed by burning Kongium. The prize pool starts each season randomly at one of four different pool sizes of 5k, 10k, 15k or 20k $BANANA and steadily grows with the $BANANA spent on adventure runs in the current season.
To create the seasonal $BANANA prize pools for the next several years, the pre-minting of 3,350,000 additional $BANANA will be part of the community vote with a required quorum of 31%.
These additional Banana tokens will be locked in the vesting contract for six years with an unlocking schedule of 500,000 tokens per year and they will be gradually distributed to the community through the seasonal prize pool. Making Play to Kollect's $BANANA-based system more accessible to a larger amount of Kong holders. We are convinced that in this case, the issuance of additional banana tokens is healthy for our ecosystem. With 3,350,000 additional tokens, we increase the maximum possible $BANANA supply (regardless of previously burned $BANANA for breeding etc.) to 40 million.
For security reasons, a mint function is to be excluded from the $BANANA contract.
The total supply will thus increase by 9.14%. The graph below shows the planned $BANANA supply. Besides the unchanged supply by the original Genesis Kongz, the added banana tokens with their unlocking schedule as well as the new total supply can be seen. Burning of $BANANA is not considered in this graph.
Banana V2