Adventure Runs

Kongz Together Strong!
The main objective of adventures is to send CyberKongz VX in crews of one to five on jungle adventure runs to gather Kongium and redeem it for prizes like the seasonal $BANANA prize pool, exclusive NFTs, and much more as we explore the jungle.
Play & Kollect runs in seasons. One season lasts 10 days and always awaits adventurers with new prizes. Adventure runs can be started in two different ways:
  • Free adventure runs powered by Fuel Rods
  • $BANANA Adventure runs
Each CyberKong VX that is locked into a crew will receive one Fuel Rod per day, in order to start one adventure run. Fuel Rods are considered a free energy resource.
Thanks to our innovative Lock Registry, CyberKongz VX do not have to be traditionally staked and sent out of your wallet to be assigned to a crew for the Jungle Adventure and accrue energy.
The loot kollected in an adventure run can be improved by the use of Charmz:
Banana adventure runs cost 0.4 $BANANA per CyberKong VX in the crew, 50% of which goes into the $BANANA prize pool, 40% is burned and 10% will go into the treasury to sponsor community activities and seasonal specials.