Starting an Adventure Run

How to start Adventure Runs with your Crew
Crews can be sent on Adventure Runs to search the jungle for Kongium and other loot.
Adventure Runs require 0.4 $BANANA or 1 Fuel Rod per crew member.

Going on Adventure Runs at the Portal

First, make sure you are on the Polygon Network.
Cick on the Adventure Portal on the map. A side window will pop up that lets you select either BANANA or FUEL ROD to start runs. You will also see the current crew that will go on a run.
If this is your first Adventure Run, you will need to click on ADD CREW to select one of your crews.
You can also edit the currently added Charm here.
Depending on the size of your crew, the cost of going on a run will vary. The required amount will be displayed above the START button.
Once you are happy with your crew set up and have either enough $BANANA or FUEL RODS, you can click on the START button.
A window will pop up, displaying your crew and the required cost. Click on the START ADVENTURE button to send your crew into the jungle.
A transaction window will pop up thats needs your confirmation. The Adventure is in progress once the transaction is confirmed.
Don't close the window if you want to see your Adventure Report.
Closing this window will not cancel the Adventure Run, but causes the Report to not show up.
The Adventure Reports of your crew can be checked any time on the MS Kongz in the Crew History.
Go on an Adventure Run
Add a Charm and go on an Adventure Run