Discovering Charmz

How to discover Charmz from Shardz
Charmz are ERC-1155 NFTs that can be consumed by a crew of CyberKongz VX to increase their possible loot from adventure runs. One random Charm can be discovered with 100 Shardz. Shardz are yielded by Baby CyberKongz in your Wallet. A Baby CyberKong yields enough Shardz to discover one random Charm every 10 days. To start the discovery process, first connect your wallet and go to the My Kongz tab on the CyberKongz website.

1. Claim Shardz

The top right window in the My Kongz tab displays the yield of your different Kongz. You can see the amount of Shardz that the Baby CyberKongz in your wallet have yielded in the tab CLAIM SHARDZ.
As soon as you have at least 100 Shardz, you can click on Claim Shardz and start a transaction to claim them to your wallet. Once the transaction is confirmed, you can proceed to the next step.

2. Bridge Shardz from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon

The second step is to bridge your just claimed Shardz from the Ethereum Mainnet to the Polygon network.
First, make sure you are on the Ethereum Mainnet. On the map, click on the Polygon Bridge landmark. A side window will pop up that shows a description as well as the three assets that can be bridged and their balances on both networks. When you click on the Bridge button next to Shardz, a window opens where you can select the amount of Shardz you want to bridge. Type in the desired amount (or choose MAX) and click on BRIDGE. The next window will require a one-time approval transaction and the actual deposit transaction. Once the deposit transaction is confirmed, the assets will show up on the Polygon network in roughly 7-30 minutes. Bridging Shardz is described in more detail under Bridging from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon. Please note that it can take up to 30 minutes after the confirmed transaction until the Shardz are displayed on Polygon.

3. Discover Charmz from Shardz on Polygon

After your Shardz show up on Polygon, you can now discover your Charmz in a final step. To do so, go back to the yield window on the CyberKongz website under the My Kongz tab.
Now switch from the Ethereum mainnet to Polygon in your wallet and click on the DISCOVER CHARMZ tab in the yield window. Here you can see how many Charmz you own and how many Shardz are available. If you have more than 100 Shardz, you can start the discovery process by clicking Discover Charmz. In the next window you can set the number of Charmz to be discovered so that you can discover several at once in one transaction. Now you just have to confirm the transaction and the RNG gods will decide which charm you will receive. Charmz can then be freely transferred between wallets on the polygon network.
The process was designed this way in order to perform the mathematically more complex randomisation process of charm discovery with cheaper transaction fees on the polygon network.
Claim and bridge Shardz from Ethereum to Polygon and discover Charmz