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Creating a Crew

How to create a crew of up to 5 CyberKongz VX
CyberKongz VX can be locked in crews of up to five and go on adventure runs.
Once locked, they will start generating Fuel Rods that can be used for free adventure runs.
Only CyberKongz VX that have been bridged to Polygon can be locked in crews.

Creating Crews on the MS Kongz

First, make sure you are on the Polygon Network.
Cick on the MS Kongz on the adventure map. A side window will pop up that shows all your crews and all of the Charmz you discovered.
Creating a crew is simple:
Just click on + CREATE NEW CREW and a window will pop up. Here you can select up to 5 Kongz to make up your crew! The Kongz are sorted by level and already locked Kongz are greyed out.
Chosen Kongz will be previewed on the right with their ID and LVL. To remove a Kong from the preview, click the red X.
Once you are happy with your crew, click CREATE CREW.
A transaction will pop up that needs to be confirmed. Once confirmed, your team is ready and will show up alongside any other teams you have created on the MS Kongz. The crewmembers will start accumulating their Fuel Rods right away.
You can add Charmz to your crew by clicking on the three dot menu next to your crew.
Klick on Add Charm and a window will pop up that will let you choose one the three Charmz tiers.
Click on the plus icon on the Charm you would lik to add and click ADD CHARM in order to confirm the necessary transaction. Once confirmed, the Charm is added and will start its positive effect on adventure runs!
Charmz break after a certain amount of use! So choose your strategy carefully.
The three dot menu also let's you pull up your crews history, showing past runs and rewards, edit and delete your crew or edit the currently equipped Charm. Replacing the currently added Charm with a new one, will burn the previously equipped Charm permanently.
Editing a Charm to replace it with another or deleting a crew on MS Kong permanently burns the currently equipped Charm, regardless of its remaining HP.
Create Your Crew