Bridging of Assets

How to bridge your assets to and from the Polygon network
Play & Kollect currently lives mainly on the Polygon network. We chose Polygon to reduce CO2 emissions and gas cost to enable a smooth and inexpensive playing experience.
Assets need to be bridged from the Ethereum Mainnet to the Polygon network to start adventuring. This process is pretty straightforward and just requires some simple transactions.

Bridging from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon

To start bridging $BANANA, CyberKongz VX or SHARDZ from ETH to MATIC, follow these simple steps:
First, make sure you are on the Ethereum Mainnet.
On the map, click on the Polygon Bridge landmark. A side window will pop up that shows a description as well as the three assets that can be bridged and their balances on both networks.
When clicking on the Bridge button on an asset, a window will pop up that will let you choose the amount of $BANANA or SHARDZ or the desired CyberKongz VX.
For $BANANA and SHARDZ, type in the desired amount (or choose MAX) and click on BRIDGE.
The next window will require a one-time approval transaction and the actual deposit transaction. Once the deposit transaction is confirmed, the assets will show up on the Polygon network in roughly 7-30 minutes.
CyberKongz VX are bridged in a similar way: click on the bridge icon and choose the VX you want to bridge from the pop-up window.
Click on Bridge and on the next windows, approve and deposit. Just like with $BANANA and SHARDZ, the VX will show up on the Polygon Network in roughly 7-30 minutes.
Bridge VX from Ethereum to Polygon
Bridge $BANANA from Ethereum to Polygon

Bridging from Polygon to Ethereum Mainnet

The process for $BANANA and CyberKongz VX is a little different when bridging from Polygon to ETH. SHARDZ and CHARMZ can't be bridged to Ethereum and will remain on Polygon once bridged (for now there is no reason to bridge them back to ETH).
To begin, first make sure that you are in the polygon network.
Then click on the Polygon Bridge landmark and click the bridge button in the appearing window.
Withdrawing $BANANA or CyberKongz VX back to ETH takes two transactions (Withdraw/Exit). After confirming the withdrawal transaction on Polygon, the validators will verify your transaction. This process takes ~45 minutes to 10 hours to complete, but there is no action required from you. After the withdrawal transaction is verified, the asset needs to be exited from the bridge contract to your Ethereum wallet.
Once the withdrawal transaction is verified, a green notification will pop up next to the Automatic Polygon Exit, showing your ready to exit transactions.
To complete the process, confirm the exit transaction in your Ethereum wallet and after a short time your assets will appear in your wallet.
If the Automatic Polygon Exit does not capture your transactions hash (for example because you are doing the procedure on different devices) you can use the Manual Polygon Exit and insert the transactions hash of your withdrawal transaction yourself.
Bridge from Polygon to Ethereum via Manual Exit
Bridge from Polygon to Ethereum via Automatic Exit