Feburary 2022

  • Renaming: Lucky Charms will be renamed to Charmz, according to the result of the community voting on Februrary 13th.
  • Durability functionality: Charmz no longer break after a period of five days regardless of the number of adventure runs completed. Instead, Charmz now have health points that are reduced with each adventure run. Once the health points drop to zero, the Charm will break. One Charm can be used for 30 to 50 runs, with Fuel Rod runs costing more health points than $BANANA runs. Charmz lasts for 30 Fuel Rod runs or 50 $BANANA runs and anything in between, regarding on how the runs were done.
  • Efficiency: The chance of getting twice the loot of Kongium or EXP in an adventure run has been doubled for all Charmz tiers
  • Charmz: Reworked explanations under the section "Jungle Adventure" according to the stated alterations
Jungle Adventure:
  • Season duration: Duration of one season extended from ten days to ten days and 8 hours to allow the use of Fuel Rods on day 10 and to rotate the end of the season through different time zones around the world
  • YieldHub: Added explanation about the new YieldHub to handle all yield functions of our ecosystem under the section "What happens on the Blockchain"